5 Ideas for Menuing Beef for Brunch

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Replacing lunchtime on Friday, Saturday brunch is now restaurants’ busiest daypart,1 a result of more professionals working—and eating—from home during the week. This shift allows restaurants to become more imaginative with brunch menus to attract hungry guests. As beef continues to be a long-time customer favorite,2 here are five ideas for incorporating the protein into your brunch menu.

Thick-cut beef bacon on a plate with scrambled eggs and cubes of crispy potatoes

1. Thick-Cut Beef Bacon

81% of morning menus offer bacon either as a side, crumbled into sauces or layered into breakfast sandwiches.3 While patrons expect the brunch favorite as pork, bringing a beef variety to the table can draw in curious guests. Try preparing and menuing thick-cut beef bacon made of the navel.

2. Beef Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a popular Middle Eastern and North African dish consumed at all times of day—including in the morning. Traditionally comprised of fried eggs adorning a zesty tomato-pepper sauce, Shakshuka can be made more protein-dense by adding strips of grilled teres major to please the 51% of guests who seek morning meals that are high in protein.4

Shakshuka on a plate with garnish
Bloody Mary with lots of garnishes

3. Bloody Mary Jerky Garnish

As a brunch staple across North America, the Bloody Mary is a delicious assemblage between beverage and appetizer—or full meal depending on the amount of garnish.

Rather than sourcing a meat to embellish your Bloody Mary, prepare your own in-house. Thinly slice a beef eye round, tenderize with a mallet, then marinate and dehydrate in your oven. Complete the drink with celery, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, Castelvetrano olives and radish.

4. Steak and Eggs

One of the most classic protein-heavy brunch dishes is undeniably Steak and Eggs. While many cuts can accompany your eggs, potatoes, fruit or other side, consider a ribeye, New York strip or filet mignon.

Steak and eggs on a white plate
Beef strip salad

5. Beef Strip Salad

For lighter brunch items, salads are an obvious choice. Should a guest prefer protein, suggest a salad complemented with strips of the generously marbled top blade.

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