A Leader’s Commitment to a Better Beef Future

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Cargill’s Industry-Shaping Sustainability & Processing Initiatives

For many, there is magic in a bite of high-quality, expertly prepared beef. The tenderness. The juiciness. The flavor. In other words, it’s mouth-watering. That’s why it’s such a special item. To keep enjoying the magic, however, we understand it’s critical to work toward implementing processes that ensure beef continues to be a safe, sustainable food source for generations to come.

Cargill is at the forefront of sustainability and processing initiatives that are currently shaping the industry. It all begins with a company-wide commitment to making agriculture a force for good, to nourish people and protect the planet, realizing that in our changing world, this philosophy is more critical than ever.

Here are some quick snapshots of the work Cargill is doing to ensure we can all enjoy beef moving forward:

  • Cargill Global Priorities – To sustainably feed the world, Cargill is striving to reach these goals by 2030, among others:
    • Providing training on sustainable agriculture practices and improving access to markets for 10 million farmers.
    • Transform our agricultural supply chains to be deforestation-free.
    • Achieve sustainable water management in 100% of priority watersheds.

See all the global priorities here: https://www.cargill.com/sustainability

  • Methane-Blocking Innovation – Addressing methane emissions has long been a critical agricultural goal. Recently, Cargill innovated unique methane-blocking masks for dairy cows in Europe. Cows release 95% of their methane through their noses during the act of burping. The masks, worn over the noses, essentially suck up the burps into a methane-absorbing filter. When saturated, a chemical reaction transforms the methane into CO2, which is harmlessly released.

Read more here: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/cargill-backs-cow-masks-to-trap-methane-burps-1.1610964

  • Disease Tracing – As part of the U.S. CattleTrace program, Cargill is a part of an effort to develop a national infrastructure for animal disease traceability. Using technology such as GPS, producers will be able to track animals in the event of a disease outbreak, helping to protect herds and stem the spread across the supply chain.

Read more here: https://www.beefmagazine.com/beef/cargill-joins-us-cattletrace-program

This is just a taste of how Cargill is leading the way in sustainable practices. In the years to come, Cargill will continue to innovate and strive to implement more processes in order to keep beef, and all its magic, firmly entrenched on menus and on plates for years to come.

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