Chef Anticipated Dining Trends for 2024

Close-up of a plated steak with a side of potatoes

The new year is here! And with it comes exciting new opportunities. To kick off the year, we asked our Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver Signature Chefs what trends they expect to see or continue to see throughout 2024. 

Continue Stamping Your Culinary Passport

This should come as no surprise. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the popularity of global cuisine take flight as consumers broaden their taste bud horizons. Sterling Silver Chef Barry Miles hopes to see international flavors redefine themselves into micro buckets; “think not just Mexican cuisine but Zihuatanejo cuisine or Taxco cuisine.” Sterling Silver Chef Janet Bourbon is eager to see African fare and more dishes from Middle Eastern countries, like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, rise in popularity. 

Make Time to Veg 

While protein continues to be the center of the plate at many restaurants, ensuring your vegetable dishes get as much attention in the kitchen and on the plate is just as important. “If the chef is able to make a vegetable the star of the show, then you know that their protein offerings should be just as outstanding,” states Chef Miles. 

Partnering with local farms is a great way to ensure you get high-quality vegetables. “I love the fact that small farms are gaining traction and beginning to thrive,” shares Sterling Silver Signature Chef Nick Unangst, who anticipates a resurgence of small farms offering locally grown fruits and vegetables, honey, and cheeses throughout the upcoming year. 

Create an Escape From the Everyday

As inflation continues to affect families across the country, dining out is often more than just a meal; it’s an entire event. “Uncertain times call for connection and warmth,” shares Chef Bourbon, “The idea of hospitality [has] become more important than ever.” No matter the establishment, customers are dining out as a departure from the daily hum-drum. Each interaction your team has is a chance to create a memorable experience — from a warm welcome to a complimentary dessert. “[When] faced with the world’s problems, consumers will look to small indulgent treats as an escape. Hello, ice cream!” 

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