Creative Strategies to Stay Competitive During the Re-Opening Process

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Customers are passionate about supporting their favorite establishments, but are hoping for ways in which they can do so safely. While each state individually crafts hospitality re-opening guidelines, meeting diner expectations around safety can help you stay competitive and ensure repeat orders. Focused menus, meal kits, touchless payments, and more can make ordering from your establishment simpler and safer regardless of re-opening regulations set by your state.

Focused menus, whether they rotate regularly or feature best-sellers, will help manage your inventory and focus your marketing efforts. Make sure your audience is aware of what your current offerings are via your website or social profiles and create a safe way for them to browse when they visit in person – QR code menus, disposable versions, or laminated copies that can be sanitized are the most common examples we’ve seen.

Regardless of what phase of re-opening your establishment is in, off-premise dining will continue to be a major player due to varying levels of customer comfortability. A focus on meal kits, protein packs, and takeout can help you remain top-of-mind with your customers. When these options are paired with online ordering, curbside pickup or delivery, your establishment removes the obstacles customers are currently facing. Touchless payments take the thinking out of spending within your establishment, and increase efficiencies for keeping guests and staff safe.

Taking these measures can help increase sales and improve relationships with customers, but also improve staff safety. Regardless of which promotions you choose to implement or which protocols you decide to enact, we recommend publicly stating the changes you’ve made in the name of cleanliness and safety – through pop-up banners on your website or via social media posts. These messages help put guests at ease and increase the likelihood they will order from you again and again.

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