Travel-Friendly Cuts & Preparations

Close up of steak stir fry

“Delivering hot, beef braised will be the best experience because it can take the abuse of long hot-holding, and still deliver on tenderness and juiciness.” Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan recommends travel-friendly braised meats, particularly ones that use short ribs, blade roast, and chuck roll for takeout and pick-up menus. Additionally, stir-fry or bowls with […]

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Crowd-Favorite Modern Steakhouse Cuts

Flank steak on plate

Menuing new and unique cuts has become synonymous with the concept of the Modern Steakhouse. According to research by Food & Wine, in 2018, 69% of chefs call menuing new cuts of meat a “hot trend.” Sustainability-focused consumers are also more likely to choose a restaurant that features these cuts. “Pushing more nose-to-tail makes sense […]

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Customize Compound Butter Flavors to Enhance a Steak

Bavette steak

Creating a compound butter provides a simple and tasty way to complement and customize any steak on your menu. Guests will love the rich addition of butter and the punch of flavor from the spices, chilis or herbs you choose. Get inspired by these flavors and combinations, including: Black garlic Lime and ancho chili Piquillo […]

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Sharing Plates Let Guests Choose Their Favorites

wine glasses clinking

Sharing has recently emerged as a major trend when eating out, especially among Millennials. According to Technmonic’s research,1 42% of consumers agreed that small plates are a great way to share with a larger group, and you don’t need to run a tapas restaurant to capitalize on this trend. Smaller plates are also a great […]

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Herb-Forward Toppings Add Interest to Beef

Roast with herb topping on cutting board

The Modern Steakhouse is all about bold flavors. Use herbs to add an extra punch of flavor to your dish – as toppings, they add texture and variety. Try using these herb-forward toppings to accompany your beef dishes: Fried Italian parsley Brown butter-fried sage Fried basil leaves Gremolata Wild garlic-mustard chimichurri […]

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Plant-Based Sauces for the Modern Steakhouse

Plate of hummus

The hummus craze and desire for dynamic textures has led many chefs to incorporate plant-based purées into their menus. These creamy concoctions can be used as soft bases for many different plates, while delivering flavor and color that thinner sauces had in the past. Herbs, nuts, and vegetables can combine to create nutritious, flavorful sauces […]

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Classic BBQ Sides with Craft Twists

BBQ Poutine

Focusing on more than the smoke and the sauce, BBQ joints are now putting craft spins on their sides too. This doesn’t mean the days of mashed potatoes and slaw are necessarily over. Classic comfort foods may now have unexpected preparations, like pimento mac and cheese or cornbread topped with house-pickled jalapeños. Serving up something […]

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Great Stir-Fry Steak Options

Beef stir fry on plate with chop sticks

Stir-fry is incredibly popular – and the centerpiece of so many global applications. Stir-fry also allows for options in managing your plate cost. Premium steak options would include Sterling Silver top sirloin butt or top round. Other flavorful but lower-cost options include outside skirt, inside skirt, top sirloin butt, top round and flank steak. […]

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