African and Middle Eastern Possibilities

African beef dish

Teres major is ideal for beef shakshuka. By adding meat to this popular Middle Eastern and North African dish, it can easily be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Top sirloin butt (with a spicy peanut crumb) is perfect for West African beef jollof. Other beefy possibilities: kofta kabobs, beef with hummus, sega wat […]

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Global Flavor Thought Starters

Two beef dishes

Our 21-day aged beef provides the tenderness and flavor to make your global creations shine. For a Korean twist, try short rib lettuce wraps. Our sirloin flap can easily go Caribbean, Latin/Spanish or Asian with the right marinade or sauces. For tandoori recipes, consider flank steak and boneless prime rib. Let your instincts take over […]

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Japanese Beef Skewers & Steak Options

Japanese beef skewers on grill

Sterling Silver sirloin flap is a perfect cut for Japanese-style beef skewers. We recommend grilling and basting with Gyu-tare (a sauce made from soy, mirin, sake and sugar). Plus, grilling over open hot coals makes for great theater. Serve your skewers on a bed of sautéed cabbage and sticky rice. Other cuts we recommend for […]

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