Delivery & Takeout Tips From A Sterling Silver Chef

Photo collage of three chefs

Not every solution will work for every business. We’re here to help inspire delivery and takeout ideas and solutions in order to help guide your business strategy moving forward. Here are some tips from our Sterling Silver chefs:

“I would have a smaller focused menu to maintain product freshness and I would have a set menu as a special every night until sold out.” Chef Barry Miles recommends small, focused menus that will travel well and are easy to prepare in bulk if you’re able to offer delivery and pick-up services.

Chef Bradley Borchardt understands that customers are looking to their favorite establishments for guidance in terms of preparing their favorite dishes at home. “Add a simple recipe card to help with finishing at home. And try simpler menu items; instead of a thick cut steak, do a minute steak. That way, you don’t need to worry about temps for takeout.”

“Find out what your customers would be more inclined to order and offer options,” Chef Pete Geoghegan suggests. “While family style meals have a certain appeal, many customers may prefer individual meals to accommodate various tastes.” Many customers are placing takeout orders with the intention of covering multiple meals throughout the week, but customers seeking customization will still look to individual servings.

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