Give Guests What They Want: New Flavors From Across the Globe

Global Flavors

Global flavors can help define your establishment as a modern steakhouse, especially when coupled with unique cuts and serving more small, shareable plates. New tastes and dishes from around the world can help your guests explore flavors outside their comfort zone and experience something new and exciting.

Finding inspiration from a specific country or region of the world and bringing it to your menu helps give guests what they want – novelty and adventure. Plus, your customers will get to try a dish or a new flavor profile that they wouldn’t have thought of, or can’t make at home.

Flavor Inspiration from Afar

An easy way to experiment with global flavors without having to reformat your entire menu is to utilize flavorful, globally-inspired rubs. Research and experiment with French, Chinese, Moroccan or Jamaican inspired flavors to bring a quick, unexpected flavor trip to another region or country to your guests.

For example, modern steakhouse chefs are relying less on traditional applications for ribeye and instead using this cut as a canvas for new, globally-inspired flavors. For example, boneless prime rib can be transformed with tandoori-style spices, or a bone-in ribeye can be roasted over wood Argentinian (or gaucho) style. Additionally, ribeye can be used for souvlaki-style skewers with Greek seasonings. The possibilities are endless!    

Use Premium Beef

Quality beef can make your global creations shine with its superb tenderness and flavor. Use with a Thai twist by making short rib lettuce wraps; experiment with teres major in a spicy North African/Middle Eastern shakshuka; or use a variety of marinades or sauces in Latin, Caribbean or Asian styles with a sirloin flap. Using a premium product like Sterling Silver® Premium Meats offers incredible versatility, and can shine with any of the flavors and styles you wish to create.

With Sterling Silver, you get more than just the most premium cuts of beef – you also get access to our resources, which can help you differentiate your menu.

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