Instagram Takeover Recap: Chef Dave Cuntz

Chef Dave's Instagram Takeover

In March of 2022, we handed over full access of our Instagram account to Sterling Silver Signature Chef Dave Cuntz. He showed us what a day in his life looks like, including how he uses Sterling Silver® Premium Meats at The Roost in Colorado. Here’s a recap of everything he shared.

First, Chef Dave gave us a tour of his kitchen, where there’s enough space yet “everyone is within yelling distance.”

His restaurant’s theme is all about music, with instruments, famous emblems and images of well-known artists everywhere you look.

Behind the scenes of Chef Dave's kitchen
Music-themed dining room

Chef Dave showed us how he prepares a tri tip for his Korean tacos on bao buns with Thai slaw and sriracha lime crema.

Then he also showed us how he breaks down his beef tenderloin.

Chef Dave trimming tri tip
Korean tri tip Bao buns
Chef Dave preparing beef tenderloin

Our followers sent in a lot of good questions during his Q&A session:

Congrats on the recent Colorado Chef of The Year award! Can you share more about it?
“Thanks for asking! It was quite the honor. It’s kind of been a long journey for me—42 years—of being in this business and enjoying every minute of it. It just helps me appreciate all the hard work I know I’ve done for the community I work in and the people I work with.”

Favorite part of being a chef?
“It’s the family, the camaraderie, the people I work with, the food that we make together and create together. It’s such an awesome job.”

What’s the most underutilized cut of beef?
“I’ve been playing around with the ball tip, which is off the top of the hip. It’s a very lean piece of meat. People say it’s not very fatty and there’s not much you can do with it, but I beg to differ. I love the ball tip.”

Are you playing around with any international dishes?
“I try to evolve all the time. I’m always playing the game of ‘what’s next.’ I pretty much throw darts at the world and wherever they land, I start studying about that location’s food.”

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
“I was a general manager at a microbrewery when I graduated college with a Master of Fine Arts, and then I was like ‘I need to figure out what I’m doing with my life!’ Did I want to become a ceramics teacher, my main emphasis? Or continue doing what I’ve done my whole life: cooking. And I opted for cooking. So I went off to culinary school and here I am.”

What’s your favorite cut of beef? 
“The one I always go back to is beef tenderloin. It’s got to be one of my favorites. It’s versatile—there are a lot a different ways you can prepare it. I love searing meats, getting that caramelization on the outside and letting that Sterling Silver beef flavor take over from there.”

What are your favorite ways to prepare beef? Are all cuts different?
“All beef is not the same. You’ve got sautéing, grilling, dry heat, moist heat. I have so many different ways I can prepare these meats. Marinating. Sous vide. I’ve taken tougher meats and let them cook slowly, then sliced and re-seared them.”

Thanks again, Chef Dave, for the takeover! Check out Chef Dave’s Instagram story here and follow him on Facebook at @TheRoostDurango

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