Instagram Takeover Recap: Chef Sera Cuni

Chef Sera headshot

In January of 2022, we handed over full access of our Instagram account to Sterling Silver Signature Chef Sera Cuni. She showed us what a day in her life looks like, including how she uses Sterling Silver® Premium Meats at The Root Cellar Café in North Carolina. Here’s a recap of everything she shared.

We got a great look at the back of house crew, their setups and seeing how active it can get.

We watched cook TT prepare a bulk batch of beef stew using 100 lbs. of Sterling Silver® Chuck!

Chef TT preparing chuck beef
Bulk batch of beef stew
Bowl of beef stew with carrots, celery, onions, mushroom, and tomatoes

Chef Sera showed us how she prepares braised short ribs for a dinner special.

Preparing Sterling Silver short ribs
Crispy short ribs in a fryer
Plate of braised Sterling Silver short ribs with Cacio e Pepe grits and wilted kale

Our followers sent in a lot of good questions during her Q&A session:

What’s your favorite cut of beef to work with?
“I’m in love right now with short ribs, they can do so much and have great flavor! It’s winter so slow and low is the way to go with them. They go well with all sorts of cuisines and my new favorite way is the Mexican birra.”

Are you playing around with any new international dishes?
“I’m really digging southeast Asian, Indian and Mexican lately. And I love to mix cuisines and keep people guessing and I found that tacos work best for me. I’ve made Indian and Korean tacos that have people raving.”

What is your favorite dish to make?
“My favorite is Cacio e Pepe. It’s super simple, but if you’ve had it done right, it’s simply amazing!”

What is your approach to seasoning beef?
“I really like to taste the beef flavor so if it’s a steak I’m just going to use salt and fresh black pepper.”

What’s some advice you’d give to new chefs?
“It’s not where you went to culinary school anymore. It’s if you can cook and keep a notebook with you and write everything down.”

We also got a tour of the front of her restaurant, The Root Cellar Café in Chapel Hill, NC.

Front of house of Root Cellar Cafe in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Thanks again, Chef Sera, for the takeover! Check out Chef Sera’s Instagram story here and follow her on Instagram at @cuni_verse.

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