One Cut, Three Dayparts: Navel

Sliced beef navel

There’s so much you can do with just one cut of meat! Today, we’re exploring the navel cut, a large, boneless cut from the plate primal. Similar to beef brisket and pork belly, there are endless ways to use it, so why not make a full day’s menu out of it? 


Try utilizing the navel cut to make your own in-house bacon. Some chefs might say that if you love experimenting in the kitchen and have beef navel, then you’re morally obligated to try making beef bacon. After all, the navel (beef belly) is the equivalent of pork belly.


The navel cut of beef is often referred to as the pastrami navel, so for lunch, try putting together some delicious pastrami sandwiches. They’ll pair perfectly with slices of Swiss cheese.


To round out your day of meals using the navel cut, why not go the on-trend route and use the navel to create your own navel tacos?! Braise your navel cut in a barbacoa-style sauce until it’s nice and tender, then shred and taco it up for the perfect evening bite.

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