Travel-Friendly Cuts & Preparations

Close up of steak stir fry

“Delivering hot, beef braised will be the best experience because it can take the abuse of long hot-holding, and still deliver on tenderness and juiciness.” Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan recommends travel-friendly braised meats, particularly ones that use short ribs, blade roast, and chuck roll for takeout and pick-up menus.

Additionally, stir-fry or bowls with cuts like outside skirt, inside skirt, top sirloin butt, top round and flank steak will travel well. “Soup is also a great way to deliver hot flavorful food that will withstand delivery.” Stews can be made with tri-tip, eye round roast, chuck eye roll, or just about any cut you have on hand.

Lastly, cooked steaks that are then chilled can be used to top dishes like salads and pastas. If these types of dishes better suit your customer base or current operating hours, consider serving them this way to continue to better meet your customers’ expectations.

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