Unconventional Cuts: Excitement & Variety

Beef dish with mushrooms and vegetable side

Twenty percent of Millennials actively look for new and different flavors to try on a regular basis, according to the 2017 Technomic Flavor Consumer Trend1 report. 

Modern steakhouse menus are bringing the best of many continents by broadening and expanding the menu with global flavors and a bit of playfulness. The palette is wider, more colorful and multi-textural with sauces, rubs and garnishes and throughout apps, shareables and small plates.

Diners are looking for a casual atmosphere when they go out to eat, yet still crave premium beef and appetizers at an accessible price-point.

12017 Flavor Consumer Trend Report, Technomic

Food at the Modern Steakhouse is bold, fresh, and crosses many geographical borders.
– Chef Stephen Giunta, Sterling Silver Chef

Wow guests with unique beef cuts

Naturally, steak is still the focal point of the modern steakhouse, but along with traditional cuts like short loin or bone-in ribeye at center of plate, lesser-known cuts are a smart choice to feature up and down the menu.

Among chefs, 69% say that new and different cuts are a “hot trend,” according to a 2018 survey of over 700 chefs by The National Restaurant Association2. Modern steakhouse innovations provide a great way for chefs to turn underused cuts into highly regarded menu items.


of chefs call new and different cuts a hot trend

The beef’s flavor can be emphasized with special rubs, sauces and garnishes, or by cooking methods like smoking. Craft and dress up these cuts to meet today’s modern steakhouse expectations:

Raw flank steak
Raw skirt steak
Raw short ribs
Raw ribeye
Raw sirloin flap
Raw top sirloin butt
Raw strip loin
A modern steakhouse should look to use the less common cuts – by that I mean some of the smaller and non-traditional – to create flavorful beef dishes.
– Chef Nick Unangst, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

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