Women In Culinary Roundtable | Listen Now!

Collage of headshots of Chef Janet, Chef Sera, and Heather Kurosz

In a special episode of In The Kitchen With Sterling Silver, Chefs Sera Cuni, Janet Bourbon and Heather Kurosz join Chef Pete Geoghegan for a memorable roundtable discussion centered around the topic of Women in Culinary. 

Listen as Chef Pete and Chefs Sera, Janet and Heather discuss: 

  • Early career challenges 
  • Impactful experiences and how they shaped their professional journeys 
  • Advice for women entering the culinary field 
  • Creating greater opportunity for women 
  • And preparing challenging cuts of beef 

Tap below to listen now! 

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To learn more about Chef Sera Cuni, visit rootcellarchapelhill.com and sterlingsilvermeats.com/our-chefs/chef/sera-cuni. To learn more about Chef Janet Bourbon, visit sterlingsilvermeats.com/our-chefs/chef/janet-bourbon. And to learn more about Chef Heather Kurosz, visit penningsfarmmarket.com


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