So Dave, what’s in your fridge at home?

“It’s lined with all that stuff at the perimeter of the grocery store. Good steaks, for sure, and chicken and fish. We’ve changed the way we’re eating, so we’re going very healthy. Staying away from processed foods, drinking lots of water, staying away from sugars.”

What local foods are you in love with?

“I love all the early spring peas – those are delicious. Here at Carver, we have our very own farm. [They start] bringing us all our fresh herbs, which I love to cook with. You name it, from our garden – fresh, fresh, fresh.”

What food trends get you excited for the future?

“I think Middle Eastern flavors are going to be popular. Fresh ingredients are going to be very important. I think local is going to be even more so. Scratch cooking – nothing from a box, all handmade. All that’s going to be very popular moving forward, in my mind.”

What is your favorite cut of beef to make?

“Right now, it’s the short rib. I have those on my menu right now. Oh, my gosh. Slow-braised, melt-in-your-mouth. I make a poutine out of it, with a gravy made with our Iron Horse stout beer, and, of course, sidewinder potato and Wisconsin cheddar curds.”

What is the last dish you were inspired to make?

“The other day I made green eggs and ham. It’s an Italian version of breakfast. So it’s a tomato spinach scramble with parmesan, topped with a basil walnut pesto, prosciutto bacon, and parmesan toast. It was delicious, it was amazing, and I had so much fun coming up with it.”


Beef Trends

Beef Trends

Beef Trends



Everything in the food industry has an expiration date. Ingredients. Strategies. Styles. That’s why staying up on the latest trends is essential to staying fresh and relevant. The biggest food trends impacting consumers in 2017 include:



Simpler menus, fewer ingredients:

A higher minimum wage could result in restaurants with simplified menus and dishes with fewer ingredients.1

Inclusivity is the word:

With consumer demands as diverse as ever, restaurants will need to broaden their menus to be as inclusive as possible.

Using more, discarding less:

Renewed interest in decreasing food waste is driving the food industry to expand their stem-to-stalk and tip-to-tail methods.



“Ancient” is in:

Descriptive terms like “ancient” will resonate with consumers who want a deeper connection to history and tradition through unique dishes.2

All-new cuts:

Consumers will have their eyes peeled for the latest new cuts for creating unique dishes, such as beef navel.3

Modern meals for modern culture:

Adventurous diners looking to explore new cultures will turn to fresh twists on classic ethnic dishes.4


Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4: AF&CO’s 2017 Trends Report


Beef Navel

Beef Navel

Beef Navel



From beef bacon to sandwich toppings and more, beef navel is the ideal cut for adventurous chefs who thrive on the new, the unusual and the surprising. It’s inspiring chefs everywhere to create more of the unique, unforgettable dishes they were born to make.


We could keep going, but we want you to explore it yourself.

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Beef Outlook

Beef Outlook





Over the last year, wholesale beef commodity prices have been coming down, and so have consumer food prices at retail outlets. However, prices have been broadly rising across the foodservice sector.

This has led to one of the widest price gaps in recent history between food at home and food away from home. According to the National Restaurant Association, October performance continued to show modest year-over-year growth, but with higher ticket prices barely offsetting lower foot traffic.

That said, according to credit and debit card transactional data from SpendTrend, growth in consumer spending at foodservice establishments continues to outpace spending growth at retail outlets, based on same-store transactions, same-store revenue and ticket size. Retailers are seeing revenues flatten but are taking some market share thanks to their lower prices.

At the end of 2016, the U.S. consumer had increased beef consumption by nearly 4%, but spent less overall on their beef purchases.

Branding Materials

Branding Materials

Branding Materials



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