Beef on grill

Meet Our Experts

Sterling Silver Signature Chefs

Our Best Advisors: Our Customers

Thousands of chefs worldwide trust Sterling Silver® Premium Meats to help them deliver the very best guest experiences. Among them are a select group of chefs whose performance, dedication to their craft and creativity have earned them a place as one of our Signature Chefs. These chefs rely on Sterling Silver in their own restaurants and provide us with access to real-life professionals to ensure our products meet or exceed their expectations.

Sterling Silver Chefs

The Team Behind The Best Beef Products

Our corporate chefs perform many important duties to help us ensure the highest quality in our products. From research and development to ingredients and seasoning, each of our Sterling Silver chefs is a beef expert with a comprehensive knowledge of cooking at all levels. Our team works with colleagues and customers to develop new products and continually create innovative extensions and preparations.

Masters of Beef

Quarterly Inspiration

Our Masters of Beef program is a way for us to reward our loyal customers. Each quarter, members of the program will receive a special cut, along with other surprises that we hope you’ll use to try something new and get inspired. Want to join? You can register here for an opportunity to be included in the program.