Bradley Borchardt

Senior Corporate Chef, Innovation & Strategy | Phoenix, AZ

Get to know Chef Brad

Chef Brad has an extensive resumé working throughout the world. A classically trained chef, Chef Brad has worked in and staged in a number of Western Michelin-starred establishments, with an emphasis on French and Spanish cuisine. He also has a strong foundation in many Latin disciplines. He has studied in six different culinary schools throughout the world (USA, China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam) and has a solid understanding of Japanese, Regional Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines.

The newest of our Sterling Silver Chefs, Chef Brad brings his talents to customers through menu and recipe development, leadership, team building, concept development, palate training, lecturing and content for food media.

Two plated dishes with drinks
Image from Chef Bradley’s culinary portfolio
Chef Bradley Borchardt in a restaurant kitchen
Image from Chef Bradley’s culinary portfolio
Modern Steakhouse means using innovative cuts, serving smaller portions on well-composed plates and providing a less ‘heavy’ restaurant feel.

Tips for great beef:

“Beef should be seasoned aggressively. You should also know who and what concept you’re preparing a meal for.”

How have customer tastes changed?

“Customers are really celebrating specialization. People have much more curiosity around global flavors and regionalities (both locally and globally) these days. They’re more likely to try something brand new or welcome a twist on the familiar.”

Favorite cut:
“My favorite cut is sirloin flap, because it’s not seen often in the market. Or beef ribs. They can be so succulent and dramatic.”