Chuck Eye Roll

Alt Names: Chuck Eye Roast, Chuck Eye Steak, Delmonico Steak, Chuck Pot Roast
French : Faux-filet roulé  |  Spanish: Rollo de choclillo


Chuck eye roll is an inexpensive cut from the muscle between the neck and shoulder blade. It is the continuation of the rib-eye meat. This “rib end” is quite tender, highly marbled and ideal for steaks. While the “neck end” is less tender and often used for beef stew, roasts or ground chuck.

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Sterling Silver Chuck Eye Roll Beef Cut

Stephen Giunta, Sterling Silver Chef

“This is a good time to be a chef, a great time to be a foodie. It’s a time of contrasts: healthy and decadent; exotic and affordable; user-friendly and crafted; comforting but surprising.”

Interesting note

Sometimes referred to as a poor man’s rib-eye, a chuck eye is simply a rib-eye cut from the fifth rib, the first rib not eligible for labeling as a part of the rib section. Any cow, and any chuck eye roll, has only two true chuck eye steaks.

Classic Preparation

Grill / Broil / Skillet /  Smoke / Roast / Sous Vide

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