Chuck Flat

Alt Names: Boneless Chuck Ribs
French: Bifteck de bloc d’épaule  |  Spanish: Paleta de choclillo


Chuck flat is the boneless, rectangular-shaped “lip extension” attached to the chuck eye roll. Rich in flavor, this tender, versatile cut is often used for boneless short ribs, chuck steak, satays, fajitas, stir fry and sandwiches. Also Denver steaks and roasts.

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Raw Chuck Flat

Janet Bourbon, Sterling Silver Chef

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Interesting note

The chuck – once considered a lower value primal – was reinvented by the beef industry in the early 2000s. This effort gave rise to the Denver steak, the flat iron steak (top blade) and teres major.

Classic Preparation

Grill / Broil / Skillet /  Smoke / Roast / Sous Vide

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