Chuck Short Ribs

Alt Names: Bone In Short Ribs, Boneless Short Ribs, Braising Ribs
French : Bouts de côtes d’épaule  |  Spanish: Asado de tira


Rich in flavor, our chuck short ribs are an indulgent cut of beef that is portion-friendly and presentation-friendly, thanks to the bone-in profile. Best prepared using slow and/or moist heat, the resulting tender-as-can-be ribs lend themselves to flavorful, memorable menu creations.

Sterling Silver Chuck Short Ribs

Michael Siehien, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

“I get inspired looking at classic recipes and wondering why they were popular and remain popular. I like reworking them and experimenting with variations on a theme.”

Interesting note

To be clear, chuck short ribs come from the chuck, yet are directly adjacent to the rib primal. When cattle are harvested, the first 5 (shorter) ribs stay with the chuck primal, while the remaining ribs go with the rib primal. Thus: short ribs.

Classic Preparation

Grill / Broil / Smoke / Roast / Sous Vide / Braise

In The Kitchen