Chuck Short Ribs

Alt Names: Bone In Short Ribs, Boneless Short Ribs, Braising Ribs
French : Bouts de côtes d’épaule  |  Spanish: Asado de tira


Rich in flavor, our chuck short ribs are an indulgent cut of beef that is portion-friendly and presentation-friendly, thanks to the bone-in profile. Best prepared using slow and/or moist heat, the resulting tender-as-can-be ribs lend themselves to flavorful, memorable menu creations.

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Sterling Silver Chuck Short Ribs

Michael Siehien, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

“I get inspired looking at classic recipes and wondering why they were popular and remain popular. I like reworking them and experimenting with variations on a theme.”

Interesting note

To be clear, chuck short ribs come from the chuck, yet are directly adjacent to the rib primal. When cattle are harvested, the first 5 (shorter) ribs stay with the chuck primal, while the remaining ribs go with the rib primal. Thus: short ribs.

Classic Preparation

Grill / Broil / Smoke / Roast / Sous Vide / Braise

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