Clod Roast

Alt Names: Shoulder Pot Roast, Beef Clod, Chuck Arm Roast
French : Rôti de pointe d’épaule  |  Spanish: Asado de paleta


Our clod roast is cut from the chuck primal. While economical, it offers good beef flavor. It’s also quite lean and slightly tough. Removing the connective tissue and tenderizing improve the end result dramatically. We recommend cooking with moist heat for hours to maximize tenderness.

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Sterling Silver Premium Meats Clod Roast Cut

Barry Miles, Sterling Silver Chef

“I’ve been experimenting with spice blends, adding them to pickled items and roasted/grilled meats to give them a different, unique flavor profile. A couple examples are Berbere, Ras El Hanout and Togarashi.”

Interesting note

Beef clod and beef brisket have historically been the foundation of Central Texas-style BBQ. The clod is typically slow smoked for hours – but is sometimes braised. Either way, it’s very popular.

Classic Preparation

Roast / Braise / Smoke

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