Scotch Tender

Alt Names: Mock Tender, Chuck Tender
French: Rond de palette  |  Spanish: Solomillo


Cut from the chuck primal, the Sterling Silver scotch tender is a lean roast that is best slow-cooked. Once seasoned, let the tenderizing heat do its magic and you’ll find our scotch tender offers plenty of rich beef flavor along with cooked-tenderness and great value. Typical applications include roasts.

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Sterling Silver Scotch Tender Beef Cut

Dave Cuntz, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

“Why do I use Sterling Silver? Because when you want the best beef, you get the best beef.”

Interesting note

Despite the name, this cut is not considered “tender.” The names mock tender and scotch tender came from this cut’s appearance, which is long and narrow much like a tenderloin. 

Classic Preparation

Sous Vide / Braise

In The Kitchen