Hanger Steak

Alt Names: Hanging Tender, Butcher’s Steak, Chef’s Cut
French : Bifteck d’onglet  |  Spanish : Solomillo pulmón


Cut from the plate primal, hanger steak literally hangs between the rib and the loin. Because this muscle does very little work, it has minimal marbling, but is packed with flavor. Some say that hanging so close to the kidney imparts extra flavor and a coarser texture on this beef.

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Sterling Silver Hanger Steak

Barry Miles, Sterling Silver Chef

“Hanger steak is my favorite cut of beef. It has great flavor, is tender and holds up well for groups. It can be marinated with a variety of flavors, which makes it interesting and tasty to work with.”

Interesting note

Originally known as “butcher’s steak” – because butchers often kept it for themselves – hanger steak is less known at the grocery store, but very popular at restaurants.

Classic Preparation

Grill / Broil / Skillet / Sous Vide

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