Bottom Round Flat

Alt Names: Outside Round Flat
French: Extérieur de ronde  |  Spanish: Asado carnicero


The flat is the largest section of the full bottom round that is separated from the heel and often cut into roasts, steaks and more. While it can be tough, this cut delivers ample flavor, tenderness and juiciness when cooked low and slow. Tenderizing, marinades, moist heat and thin-slicing also help bring out the best in this affordable cut.

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Sterling Silver Bottom Round Flat Beef Cut

Michael Weisshaupt, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

“I get inspired when I am cooking. At that point, my brain is focused on the actual recipe, however, my brain starts wandering and I come up with great ideas.”

Interesting note

The round primal (from the rear of cattle) is a frequently used muscle and thus quite lean and tough. However, with skill and patience, it can produce great entrées.

Classic Preparation

Roast / Braise / Sous Vide

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