Alt Names: Sirloin Tip Steak, Tip Sirloin Roast
French: Pointe de surlonge  |  Spanish: Nudillo


Originating in the round primal, our knuckle is a juicy, flavorful cut that performs beautifully when roasted and sliced thin. Simply take your favorite seasonings – ancho chili, lemon herb, cocoa/brown sugar, etc. – and rub or baste your way to rave reviews. Beware over-cooking with dry-heat methods.

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Sterling Silver Knuckle Beef Cut

Nick Unangst, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

“I use Sterling Silver for the consistency and quality it brings to our restaurant tables.”

Interesting note

A popular anecdote claims that the “sirloin” name, (part of the knuckle),  is derived from an occasion in 1617 when King James I of England was so impressed by the quality of his steak that he knighted the loin of beef, which was referred to thereafter as “Sir loin.”

Classic Preparation

Roast / Grill / Broil / Skillet / Sous Vide

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