Tri Tip

Alt Names: California Cut, Sirloin Steak, Triangle Roast
French : Rôti triangle  |  Spanish : Punta de picaña brisket


This small triangular muscle is known on the West Coast as a grilling roast. This moderately tender cut is becoming popular with chefs, nationwide, for its flavor and versatility. Various applications include carving stations, roasts, steaks and stews.

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Sterling Silver Tri-tip Beef Cut

Michael Weisshaupt, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

“I get inspired when I am cooking. At that point, my brain is focused on the actual recipe, however, my brain starts wandering and I come up with great ideas.”

History of the Cut

Once called “The Triangle Part” (and used largely as stew meat) circa 1915, the re-marketed “tri tip steak” began appearing on California menus in the 1950s and 60s. Later, tri-tip sandwiches became a west coast mainstay. Today, sirloin’s culinary uses continue to expand thanks to clever chefs, from coast to coast.

Classic Preparation

Roasts / Steaks / Stews / Carving Station Set-Ups

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