Travel-Friendly Cuts & Preparations

Close up of travel friends

“Delivering hot, beef braised will be the best experience because it can take the abuse of long hot-holding, and still deliver on tenderness and juiciness.” Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan recommends travel-friendly braised meats, particularly ones that use short ribs, blade roast, and chuck roll for take-out and pick-up menus. Additionally, stir-fry or bowls with […]

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Unique Executions For Your Take-out Menus

Close up of steak in takeout packaging

According to Sterling Silver Chef Bradley Borchardt, it’s still important to “understand your brand and see how you can create food that is approachable and travels well but maintains brand integrity.” Your take-out execution should still target the kind of customers that you welcome with dine-in services. “If your traditional menu items aren’t travel-friendly, try […]

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Tackling Take-out Packaging

Close up of takeout packaging

Customer-favourites are not always travel-friendly. The proper packaging can help meet your customers’ demands and maintain your standard of quality. Sterling Silver Chef Bradley Borchardt understands that selecting packaging options can get particularly difficult when items are fried, breaded, or covered in sauce. “It’s important to be flexible with your typical methods of packaging to […]

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