Chef Pete Geoghegan on Off-Premise Innovations | Listen Now!

Chef Pete and

Restaurants have had to get creative with off-premise revenue streams in order to generate sales in an ever-evolving industry – think meal kits and virtual cooking demos. Chef Pete Geoghegan walks us through these innovations in the off-premise space while exploring what our Signature Chefs have been executing in their own establishments.

Our new podcast, In The Kitchen With Sterling Silver, offers a chance to:

  • Hear from our very own Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan
  • Learn about how Signature Chefs are staying competitive
  • Receive insights on emerging trends, industry updates, and more

Plus, you’ll be able to get all this information directly from the industry pros who know it best – fellow chefs and operators. Tap below to listen now!

*This podcast was developed in American English.


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