Crowd-Favourite Modern Steakhouse Cuts

Steak strips on a plate with veggies

Menuing new and unique cuts has become synonymous with the concept of the Modern Steakhouse. According to research by Food & Wine, in 2018, 69% of chefs call menuing new cuts of meat a “hot trend.” Sustainability-focused consumers are also more likely to choose a restaurant that features these cuts. “Pushing more nose-to-tail makes sense because it’s on-trend, sustainable and delicious,” says Sterling Silver Chef, Janet Bourbon. “I’m a big fan of oxtail, beef cheeks and heart.”

This trend provides an opportunity to use premium beef in a variety of ways – chefs can craft and dress up underused cuts to meet today’s customer’s expectations and create highly-regarded menu items.

Other ideal Modern Steakhouse cuts to use include:

  • Strip loin
  • Sirloin flap
  • Chuck or plate short rib
  • Skirt steak
  • Flank steak
  • Top butt sirloin
  • Bone-in ribeye

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