Dining Trends in 2023

Plate of beef with a side

From Lebanese fare to TikTok, here’s what 2023 looks like when it comes to menus, restaurants and beef.

From the Streets of Lebanon 

Ingredients and prep methods found around the world have captivated not only diners, but also the chefs who create with them. There’s something about a new element that sparks creativity in the kitchen when crafting an LTO or seasonal feature.

The next big influx of global cuisine is expected to be Lebanese street food.1 While favourites like shawarma and falafel are already found on menus, there’s more from Lebanon for chefs to play with—including labneh, kibbeh and za’atar-topped flatbreads called man’oushe. Introduce these with familiar elements like hummus and pita bread and your customers can experience a wider picture of middle eastern fare.

Still Sustainable 

Sustainability is continuing to be a driving issue for customers. Because of this, chefs and restaurant owners are expected to take a closer look at their operations for areas of improvement in sustainability in 2023.2

Here are some ideas to consider in your own restaurant: 

  • Consider recyclable to-go packaging. Bonus points for asking customers if they need disposable utensils and napkins when they order.
  • Provide beverage straws only when requested. Many eateries already practice this, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to many diners.
  • Source local to help cut down on shipping emissions. This also helps support your community.
  • Stay resourceful. Sterling Silver Signature Chef Sera Cuni preps her braised short ribs using stock cooked from the bones of her previous batch of short ribs.

Red Meat is Hot 

It’s common to hear about how selective Gen Z is when it comes to food. But though they may embrace plant-based options and meat-free diets more than other generations, many still prefer beef. In fact, 16% have increased how much red meat they eat.3

The key is to balance this craving for red meat with the other priorities they value, like locally sourced produce and humanely raised animals—for example how we partner with Marty Shurr of Schurrtop Ranch. “In terms of humanely managing our herd, it’s of the utmost importance,” says Marty. “We’re conservationists every single day. We can make a really great product that still leaves the earth a better place.”

Time for the Tok 

Speaking of catering to Gen Z, the generation’s most popular app is now becoming popular among restaurant owners as well. 40% say they are using TikTok to promote their restaurant, with many of them shifting focus away from Facebook and Instagram.4

And it’s no wonder why. 80 million Americans are on the app, using it for everything from capturing their dining experiences to researching where to eat next.5 This gives restaurants like yours a great platform to show off beef dishes, impressive plating styles and interior ambiance.

To-Go is Going Strong 

During the pandemic, the ability to order food at home or even to curbside saved many restaurants. Today’s customers still value the convenience of to-go orders. Last year, many operators installed pickup lockers and shelves, additional counters and even drive-thru lanes.2 These added investments, along with the continuing demand for to-go leads us to predict that takeout will be a prominent service throughout 2023 and beyond.

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