Handheld Inspirations For A Modern Steakhouse

Person holding a sandwich

If you’re looking to elevate the handhelds on your menu, consider experimenting with popular street food options from across the globe. Drawing inspiration from international fare can offer opportunities to feature unexpected beef cuts and contemporary flavours, in addition to tapping into current food trends. Think outside of sandwich slices and brioche buns with the following inspirations:


Reach for premium beef cuts to create delicious empanadas for your modern steakhouse. Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan recommends using cuts like tenderloin inside flaky empanada pastry. Customers will pay a higher price for the premium cut while seeking out the comforting nature of this Latin American street food.

Pita Wraps

Fluffy pita pairs really well with slow-roasted beef cuts. These Mediterranean, yeast-leavened flatbreads work wonders in family-style spreads and platters. Plus, they’re perfect for dipping and serving alongside herb-forward spreads and starters.

Steam Buns

The spongy texture of Chinese steam buns provides for excellent sauce and broth penetration – while providing enough support for braised cuts like short ribs and pickled veggies.


Slow-cooked beef enveloped in tortillas are nothing new to menus across the country – but their popularity isn’t slowing down. Chuck cuts are great for tacos, but consider experimenting with unexpected cuts like brisket or pastrami tacos to create new customer favourites.


Using naan to envelope grilled beef is a great way to incorporate global inspirations. The chewy flatbread is leavened and oven-baked, and primarily native to India. Serve it warm with melty compound butter and classic steak cuts.

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