How Global Flavours Can Inspire Comfort Food Applications

Beef tacos on a plate

Comfort food orders rose in popularity through the pandemic and continue to hold customers’ attentions and appetites. Guests are now looking for globally inspired ways to enjoy their favourite comfort foods on your menus. Drawing inspiration from international fare can offer opportunities to feature unexpected beef cuts and more contemporary flavours. 

Comfort food variations usually consist of greater carb and fat levels—handhelds with cushy breads, saucy creations over rice, a side of crispy potatoes, etc. These applications draw from home-cooked and nostalgic origins and now perform as best-sellers on menus across the globe.

Following the latest surge in comfort food popularity, here are some globally inspired variations to to help you menu new kinds of indulgent flavours:

Infusing global inspirations to comfort food applications helps ensure these items remain a fixture on your menu for years to come. These evolutions reflect what it means to be a modern steakhouse and can inspire new menu items along the way.

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