How The Breakfast Daypart Is Changing

Overhead of egg and steak breakfast on plate

Brunch crazes and demands for convenience are transforming the breakfast daypart. According to Technomic, “31% of consumers and 39% of those ages 18-34 are purchasing breakfast items outside of the traditional morning time slot.” Guests now expect the most important meal of the day to be a little more flexible and ready to eat later on. Here are a few reasons to consider beefing up your breakfast-like items and adding them to other dayparts:

  • Delivery in the breakfast category is growing in popularity, as consumers are ordering these items for delivery 20% more often (Technomic, 2019 Breakfast Consumer Trend Report)
  • Consumers are enjoying breakfast outside of their homes more often between grab-and-go items and leisurely brunches as these menus share the sweet spot between convenience and taste
  • Globally inspired breakfast items are driving exploration
  • Protein-seekers appreciate morning items for their health impact

As you explore more breakfast offerings, consider including some of our favourites like classic steak and eggs or cheesy brisket hash with diced peppers. Whether your guests lean traditional or prefer to explore new preparations, there’s room to experiment with your breakfast menus.

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