Leading And Diversifying With Tim Niver | Listen Now!

Tim Niver

How do you survive with all the speedbumps and roadblocks currently in the industry? In the latest episode of In The Kitchen With Sterling Silver, Tim Niver, owner of Mucci’s Italian and Saint Dinette in St. Paul, Minnesota, talks with Chef Pete about leading and building your staff, as well as expanding your business portfolio into new and diverse markets.

Listen as Chef Pete and Tim discuss: 

  • Opening new restaurants
  • Effective ways to lead front-of-house staff
  • Building a supportive, learning culture
  • Expanding and managing multiple business endeavors including a frozen food operation and a food podcast
  • And of course, favourite cuts of beef

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*This podcast was developed in American English.

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To learn more about Tim Niver and his establishments, visit saintdinette.com and muccisitalian.com, or listen to his podcast, Niver Niver Land, on your favourite platform.


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