Our Chefs Pick Their Favourite Beef Cuts

Cut of beef plated with garnish

Our Sterling Silver Chefs and Signature Chefs have decades of experience in the industry and are dedicated to their crafts. The culinary quality they achieve reflects the same standards that Sterling Silver® Premium Meats puts forward with every cut of beef. Our team of select chefs knows what makes a great menu item – and here they share their favourite cuts to work with.

Signature Chef Sera Cuni; The Root Cellar Café & Catering – Chuck Flat

“I love the chuck flat. It has a great beefy flavour that I love and it lends itself to so many flavours and cooking techniques.”

Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan; Culinary Manager – Sirloin Flap

“It’s very versatile and has the right amount of fat for excellent flavour.”

Signature Chef Alan Ferrer; Aburi Restaurants – Chuck Short Ribs

“Gives me a blank canvas to work with, allowing me to apply many different flavours from around the world. When it’s done right, the end result is a fork-tender piece of meat full of umami-rich flavours.”

Sterling Silver Chef Bradley Borchardt; Senior Corporate Chef, Innovation & Strategy – Beef Ribs

“They can be so succulent and dramatic.”

Signature Chef Erik Malmsten; Foodhall Holdings & Bakerstreet Holdings – Strip Loin

“It has a good balance of fat content and tenderness and has great flavour.”

Sterling Silver Premium Meats offers a wide selection of whole muscle beef cuts to support quality menus and creative specials alike. No matter which ones you put on the plate, your guests can enjoy the consistently delicious flavours in every cut – ensuring satisfaction and return visits for more.

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