Quality Counts: Sourcing the Best Beef Supply

Chef cutting beef

When it comes to beef, gone are the days when diners will settle for any plate of food—even quick-service brands have had to upscale their offerings to meet the demands of diners seeking higher-quality food. What constitutes quality, and how to deliver it to diners, have become important questions for restaurant leaders across the industry, as quality can produce fan-favourite menu items and higher ticket prices.

“The biggest thing a chef should seek out is marbling and consistency,” Sterling Silver® Premium Meats Chef Pete Geoghegan says. “If you don’t know what you’re going to get out of a cut of meat, you can’t prepare to serve your guests a consistent product. That’s why it’s important to go with a program like Sterling Silver, the chef is going to know what to expect, and so are the customers.”

The Sterling Silver meat program has a standard process that begins with the ranchers they partner with. Cattle that meet certain specifications are hand-selected, ensuring consistency that meets CBGA guidelines for top 2/3 AAA beef. 

“There is a science that has stood the test of time to deliver the best possible product,” Chef Pete says. “Because at the end of the day, a meat program’s success depends on its clients’ success.”

The promise of a mutually beneficial partnership is why Sterling Silver offers marketing support, staff training, and assistance in crafting menu items that suit a restaurant’s identity. With so many concerns in the kitchen, having a reliable vendor means a variable is taken out of the equation.

“We’ve learned over time that higher quality meat equates to a better overall dining experience for guests,” Chef Pete says. “That whole process––what the cow is eating, down to how a chef cooks it—it all works together, in harmony, to deliver an indulgent experience that keeps guests coming back time and time again.”

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