Quality: The Building Block of Great Beef Dishes

Raw beef cuts on a table

Quality ingredients are an incredibly important factor in dishes that customers will come back for. Having a consistent building block can turn an average experience for your guests into one they tell their friends about.

When choosing ingredients, there’s really no compromise for Sterling Silver Signature Chef Michael Siehien of The Bedford Social Club in Bedford, VA. “I’m just going to go with the best product,” he explains. “The one thing you don’t want to worry about is consistency.”

Sterling Silver Signature Chef Nick Unangst of the SERG Restaurant Group in Hilton Head, SC, agrees. He knows that understanding guest expectations is key, so he offers them something they can’t make at home: freshly, uniquely prepared beef.

That’s a foundation that we’re proud to stand on. The process for Sterling Silver beef begins with partnering with ranchers whose cattle meet strict specifications. These cattle are hand-selected, ensuring consistency that meets USDA guidelines for upper 2/3 Choice beef, meaning every cut is specifically selected for flavour, marbling and texture.

“With food products in general, it’s not usually consistent,” explains Sterling Silver Signature Chef Michael Weisshaupt of Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Westminster, NJ. “This can be because of animal variations or other factors. Sterling Silver is consistent regardless. It’s why I’ve been using it for more than 10 years.”

Chefs across the board agree that any time they can have one fewer thing to worry about, the better the rest of their operation can go. “With Sterling Silver, I know it’s consistent and I know what I’m going to get each time,” says Sterling Silver Chef Eric Leterc of The Pacific Club in Honolulu, HI. “You don’t have to worry when you open the bag or box, wondering if there will be more fat on one piece of meat than there is on another. There never is. And I’ve been using it for more than 14 years.”

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