Sharing Plates Lets Guests Choose Their Favourites

Guests toasting with wine glasses

Sharing has recently emerged as a major trend when eating out, especially among Millennials. According to Technmonic’s research,1 42% of consumers agreed that small plates are a great way to share with a larger group, and you don’t need to run a tapas restaurant to capitalize on this trend.

Smaller plates are also a great way for your restaurant to test out new food without having to revamp the whole menu. It can be an opportunity for guests to try different global flavours, more unique cuts or a recipe you’re just starting to develop.

Other ways to use small plates:

  • Scale down popular entrées already on your menu so your guests can try a few dishes and get to know which they like best for their next visit.
  • Name existing appetizers “sharing plates” or “small plates” to modernize your menu and help guests locate shareable dishes.
  • Maximize beef scraps from hero cuts by using them for sharing-style plates.

1 2017 Starters, Small Plates Consumer Trend Report, Technomic.

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