Short Ribs Across The Menu

Short rib

Sterling Silver Signature Chef Alan Ferrer’s favourite cut is the bone-in short rib. “Bone-in short rib gives me a blank canvas to work with, allowing me to apply many different flavours from around the world. When it’s done right, the end result is a fork-tender piece of meat full of umami-rich flavours.”

This portion-friendly cut is not only rich in flavour, but offers an elevated presentation thanks to its bone-in profile. Short ribs are an indulgent cut of beef that is often best prepared using slow and moist heat. Below are just a few of our favourite ways to enjoy this tender cut.

Beef Tamales

Remove the bones from the ribs before shredding the meat into small, bite-size pieces. Then, add to your tamale dough and season as needed.

Braised with Sticky Rice and Foie Gras

Culinary Director Chef Stephen Giunta and the Sterling Silver Culinary Team developed this dish in order to craft a modern dish with classic steakhouse flair.

“What I love about this is the plays on traditional Asian flavours, combined with taking a dish like sticky rice and reimagining it with something as indulgent as foie gras,” Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan notes. “It makes it a modern dish that still plays well in a steakhouse setting and can be sold at a premium, and you don’t have to put 20 pounds of food on a plate to accomplish that.”

Shredded Short Rib Tacos

Tender short ribs shred perfectly for shareable taco platters. Just remove the meat from the bone and let its rich flavours shine with traditional and unique toppings alike – like jicama slaw, jicama chips, honey cumin aioli and salsa verde.

Grilled and Glazed

Portion and plate bone-in pieces topped with a signature glaze for your starters or family-style menus. This simple, yet craveworthy dish can deliver a wide variety of flavours – sweet and smoky, umami-rich, and more. Try glaze flavours like habanero-mango, brown sugar, bourbon-honey, maple, or even a beer glaze.

Steakhouse Classic

Braised short ribs plated over creamy mashed potatoes and served with roasted or steamed vegetables can deliver a simple, yet comforting dish for those seeking a traditional steakhouse experience.

To schedule a cutting of our chuck short ribs, tap here.

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