Wine Pairings For Beef On The Menu

Pouring a glass of red wine alongside a beef dish

It’s no wonder why tannin-centric reds are traditionally paired with beef dishes – these wines are often used in the preparation of dishes like beef Bourguignon. Sipping on heavy red wine with a great steak entrée can also enhance the natural flavours of beef cuts. Selecting a wine variety can depend on the overall preparation of a dish, how lean the cut is, cooking time, and accompaniments.

In general, look to milder bottles for leaner cuts to avoid overpowering the dish. Look to light or medium-bodied red wines with slightly higher acidity to balance out the textures of these leaner cuts. The fat content can wash away the tannins in bolder reds with every drink, encouraging guests to alternate between more sips of wine and bites of beef.

Use the guide below to inspire wine pairings at your modern steakhouse establishment.

Wine scale and beef pairings chart

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