Alan Ferrer

Minami Restaurant and Aburi Restaurants | Vancouver, BC

Get to know Chef Alan

Chef Alan’s passion for providing guests with an unforgettable culinary experience has driven his career from the beginning. He has been involved in the local Vancouver food culture from an early age, working with some of the top restaurants in town. A perfectionist by nature, Alan has spent a good deal of his life as a hands-on artist and strives to achieve the perfect balance of flavour, texture, presentation, and technique in every dish. Chef Alan has been the driving force behind expanding both the fresh fish and Sterling Silver® Premium Meats beef repertoire at Minami.

Beef dish
Image from Chef Alan’s culinary portfolio
Steak dish with asparagus and other assorted veggies
Image from Chef Alan’s culinary portfolio
I was inspired early on by my grandma who took care of my siblings and I when we were young. That and I watched a lot of the Food Network back in the day, especially the original Iron Chef series.

Why Sterling Silver?

“I use Sterling Silver because of the consistency and quality. I also appreciate that it’s sourced from North American cattle.”

Favourite cut from Sterling Silver

“Bone-in short rib gives me a blank canvas to work with, allowing me to apply many different flavours from around the world. When it’s done right, the end result is a fork-tender piece of meat full of umami-rich flavours.”

Tips for great beef

“Season it well, use a hot grill or cast-iron pan for searing — getting that nice char is a must — and make sure to rest the beef before slicing.”

What does “modern steakhouse” mean to you?

“Modern steakhouse means the use of secondary/non-prime cuts and creating new innovative menu items for customers to enjoy that are different from your traditional steakhouse, while still providing an exceptional dining experience for the clientele.”