Eric Leterc

The Pacific Club | Honolulu, HI

Get to know Chef Eric

A native of Annecy, France, Chef Eric Leterc moved to Hawaii in 1990. With an extensive resume of positions at highly regarded restaurants throughout both the islands and the world, he has spent more than 17 years as Executive Chef at The Pacific Club. Eric has earned glowing accolades from dignitaries to club members for his fresh, freshly caught fish and locally grown produce.

Chef Eric earned an apprenticeship at age 16 in culinary arts and classic French cooking at Hôtel du Commerce in Thones, France, and graduated with CAP de Cuisiner. A Signature Chef for more than 14 years, some of his career highlights include service for Bill and Melinda Gates at their wedding reception, as well as many other dignitaries and movie stars.

Meat on toast
Image from Chef Eric’s culinary portfolio
Sliced beef with vegetables
Image from Chef Eric’s culinary portfolio
Customers are more demanding for quality and want to know where the meat comes from and how it’s raised. There is no substitution for quality, healthy ingredients. It makes a great difference in your dishes. Sterling Silver has always provided me with quality and consistency, which is important to me as a chef and to my customers.”

Tips for great beef:

“If the beef is great quality, keeping it simple is the best way. Simple seasoning, simple preparation — you can’t go wrong and your guests will enjoy the flavours.”

Where do you look for inspiration?

“I get inspired by going out to eat, trying new things, traveling the world or exploring famous restaurants and hotels. I am also inspired by culinary cruises and experimenting with ingredients that I know my customers will like.”

Favourite cut:
“I love to serve rib-eye. We use it in multiple ways at the Pacific Club because of the flavour profile and tenderness.”

Outside the kitchen, what do you like to do?

“When I’m not working, I like going for a drive or painting, when I can. I enjoy the beauty of Hawaii and spending time with friends with food, wine and a good cigar!”