Thomas Pivec

Lord Fletcher's Old Lake Lodge | Spring Park, MN

Get to know Chef Thomas

A chef driven by high standards for consistency and quality, Chef Thomas Pivec became a Sterling Silver Signature Chef in 2010. “Sterling Silver knows everything, from the animal to the end product. No one else has a story like that.” When Chef Thomas isn’t crafting his menu at his Minnesota restaurant, he’s spending time with his daughter and sitting by the lake.

Peoples’ palates have adopted really well to new food trends, thanks to positive influences brought to the masses on channels like the Food Network.

What Does "Modern Steakhouse" Mean To You?

“A twist off of old school steak and potatoes. Lots of new cuts added to menus, and not just tenderloin, ribeye, or New York strip.”

Where Do You Get Culinary Inspiration?

“Cooking in a kitchen every day. There's always something to learn.”

Favorite Cut:
“Chuck Flat, It’s A Very Versatile Cut Of Meat.”