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Retail support from Sterling Silver.

As a retailer, you understand the importance of distinction in the meat case, as well as on the plate. By offering the Sterling Silver® brand, you’ll be delivering tender, juicy and flavorful premium meat every time. But we know that’s not enough. That’s why our brand support programs are designed to create value and help you drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Sterling silver® retail Brand Support

culinary support

Our culinary team is dedicated to creating profitable retail products, as well as developing cooking tips and recipe ideas for consumers. The culinary team collaborates regularly with Sterling Silver Premium Meats customers to create unique solutions tailored to their needs. Each chef on the culinary team is a protein expert with a deep understanding and knowledge of cooking at all levels.

cargill innovation center

Designed and built with customer collaboration in mind, the Cargill Innovation Center is one of the most advanced food innovation facilities in the meat and poultry industry. This state-of-the-art center is where we create solutions for our retail, foodservice and food-manufacturing partners. We use world-class food research, development and applications facilities, and unparalleled technological capabilities to support our long-standing tradition of industry-leading innovation.

marketing support

Sterling Silver Premium Meats offers a wide range of marketing support to help retailers build awareness and increase sales of Sterling Silver products. We offer a variety of branded permanent point-of-sale materials that can be used throughout your stores to enhance consumer awareness of the Sterling Silver brand. Ranging from quality signage and meat case toppers to branded rail strips, case dividers and more, the materials are designed to draw consumer attention to the Sterling Silver products you offer, while reflecting the premium nature and benefits of the brand. Sterling Silver also offers retailers the opportunity to participate in seasonal in-store promotions designed to drive trial and increase sales throughout the promotional period. Promotions feature point-of-sale materials that will engage and motivate consumers to purchase, while enhancing consumer culinary support awareness of the brand and its benefits year-round.

Partnering with Cargill

the power of an industry leader

Cargill is committed to feeding the world in a responsible way while reducing environmental impact. Our more than 142,000 employees in 67 countries provide food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. The strength, international reach and abundant resources of Cargill ensure you can count on us for everything you need to grow your business.

building sustainability

Protecting and preserving natural resources is a priority at Cargill, and we constantly strive to develop new ways to do so. We have committed to achieving Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 certification at all facilities, and since 2001 have improved water usage efficiency, improved energy efficiency, reduced solid waste and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


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