Maximizing Profits with Versatile, Premium Beef Cuts

Close up of crostini with steak slice

Versatile, hard working beef cuts can help you better manage inventory while maximizing margins. Traditionally, cuts like tenderloin, top sirloin, and prime rib are known for their center-of-plate, dinner applications. Offering these cuts in starters, small plates, and more can make them work harder for your kitchen while charging a premium price to your customer.

“There’s an opportunity to make more money by putting tenderloin on your menu in unique ways,” according to Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan. “It doesn’t have to be in a big steak filet form. Think empanadas, sliders, salads, soups, kabobs, or stir fry. You can fit it in anywhere in your menu.” The indulgent nature of the cut means customers are willing to pay a higher price. Whether you’re including this cut in protein packs for customers to throw on the grill or creating a surf-and-turf small plate – tenderloin presents an opportunity for the state of the industry right now by raising ticket prices while offering an experience that can’t easily be replicated at home.

This same spirit can be useful for incorporating other premium cuts like sirloin and prime rib into unique executions. Prime rib nachos and crostini, or sirloin steak bites are examples of what these non-entree menus are missing. While your traditional guests are accustomed to seeing these names in their entree menu descriptions, they are just as delighted to see them in more approachable offerings – and are willing to pay the price.

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