Top Sirloin Butt

Alt Names: Center Cut, Top Sirloin Steak, Top Sirloin Cap, Baseball Cap
French : Bifteck de haut de surlonge  |  Spanish: Aguayón


Sterling Silver top sirloin butt is cut from the sirloin primal – and bagged separately from the sirloin rump muscle. It is available in two ways: the top cap butt or center cut. With ample marbling, our tender, boneless top sirloin butt delivers a lean, flavorful eating experience. Along with menu versatility.

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Sterling Silver Top Sirloin Butt

Michael Siehien, Sterling Silver Signature Chef

“My advice? Treat each cut with imagination as to what would be the best approach and technique to bring out the most flavor and synergy with the other ingredients in a recipe.”

History of the Cut

The top sirloin butt is the triangular shaped cap muscle that covers the main body of the top sirloin. Naturally lean and loaded with classic beef flavor, this cut is quite popular with today’s chefs.

Classic Preparation

Steaks / Stir-Fry / Pot Roast / Kabobs

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