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Our new podcast, In The Kitchen With Sterling Silver, offers a chance for you to hear from Sterling Silver Chef Pete Geoghegan on the latest in the industry, what our other Signature Chefs are doing to stay competitive, and more.


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We strive to provide chefs with hand-selected beef cuts that provide unwavering quality in marbling, flavor, texture and consistency. This is how Sterling Silver® Premium Beef allows your creativity to shine every time you enter the kitchen.

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Learn all about our Sterling Silver Signature Chefs and where they turn for inspiration.

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Hanger steak

Why Hanger Steak?

Cut from the plate primal, hanger steak literally hangs between the rib and the loin. Because this muscle does very little work, it has minimal marbling, but is packed with flavor. Some say that hanging so close to the kidney imparts extra flavor and a coarser texture on this beef.

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Masters of Beef

Quarterly Inspiration

Our Masters of Beef program is a way for us to reward our loyal customers. Each quarter, members of the program will receive a special cut, along with other surprises that we hope you’ll use to try something new and get inspired. Want to join? You can register here for an opportunity to be included in the program.


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