Round Primal Culinary Chat with Chef Jesse Moore | Listen Now!

Plate of beef and a headshot of Chef Jesse Moore

On the final installment of the Primal Series, Chef Pete Geoghegan welcomes Chef Jesse Moore, Cargill Corporate Chef, to In The Kitchen With Sterling Silver. The round primal is the topic, and the two will discuss incredibly delicious ways restaurants can use these value cuts on their menus. 

Listen as Chef Pete and Chef Jesse discuss: 

  • Cooking and serving round primal cuts including the top round, the top round cap, bottom round flats, the eye of round and the knuckle 
  • Prep methods to ensure tenderness and flavor 
  • Application ideas including minute steaks, chicken fried steak, tacos, pastrami, corned beef and even an unexpected surf-and-turf sushi dish 
  • And favorite cuts within the round primal 

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