Canoe Bones

Alt Names: Canoe Cut Marrow Bones
French : Os à moelle  |  Spanish: Canoas de tuétano


Sterling Silver canoe bones are cut from the femur of cattle. The nutritional bone marrow can be roasted with a little salt and served with toast – or added to sauces, butters, pastas and steak presentations to infuse additional richness and flavor.

Using the marrow is a prime example of “nose-to-tail” cooking. 

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Canoe bone halves

Janet Bourbon, Sterling Silver Chef

“Chefs are pushing more nose-to-tail, because it’s good business, on-trend, sustainable, and delicious!”

Interesting note

For 300,000 years, humans have eaten and enjoyed the soft, fatty tissue found in the center of animal leg bones. These bones are a legitimate source of protein, vitamin B12 and monounsaturated fats.

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